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Body shots gentlemen's club

After a boring night in a Gainesville hotel, decided to take a free dating sites for native american indians to Ocala to Body Shots to see how bad it was. Let's just say this. I would have rather stayed in my room and watched the news.

Can't recall what the cover was but I remembered when I paid the bouncer clearly said, "No touching the girls. Are you kidding me. Isn't that the whole purpose of a strip club.

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To cop a feel. Anyways, I still went in and brought a beer and found a seat. I would say there were maybe sex toy forums - 6 dancers who were nothing to write home about. They looked skinny and worn down. Mostly Caucasian dancers and 1 AA dancer.

When the dancers finished on stage, they went to a table or back to the bar.

Body shots ii

No interaction at all. Now I'm a good looking man and always dress nice and I had funds to burn and I've never not had a dancer not come over and speak or ask do I want a dance. Finally the AA comes over to private chat rooms websites after I tipped her on stage.

She had no titties at all and had pasties on them.

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Yes, it's a pastie club. This was 30 mins and cover I can't get back. The LD was off to the side of the stage free dating sites columbus oh the DJ booth. It was basically a chair in an area that is not private at all.

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dating sites ireland boards ie. Its a shame because there were some dancers there I would have liked to have "regular" dances with but its not to be at this club. I guess vegas mens club houston, tx there are no other SCs around, this club manages to get by I guess.

The girls I spoke to seem to like the club rules. The girls are diverse, large, small, white, AA. Couple of spinners, maybe 7's depending on how you rate. Drinks in plastic cups, nothing fancy netherlands dating app. The private dance area is not really private and is right next to the dj booth so he can see what is going on.

As for the touching, it wouldn't be fair to say the girls don't touch you at all. They get creative on stage touching you with their head, nose, clevage with stuck on pasties. Got one private dance and didn't get any more touching than that.

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Better than an "air" dance, but not enough to get me excited. I never even got a peek at a kitty or non-pastied nipples. Everything was always covered. I guess if this description sounds good to you, might be a place for you to check out, but this whole no contact thing is just not for me. The female body is just too beautiful to not be able to caress! I stopped by Cuddling dating site Shots 2 for my usual monthly visit on a Saturday at about pm.

Barmaid was new and was OK. I sat down to check out the talent. A few of the same women I saw about 3 weeks ago.

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Not much of a crowd- it didn't really pick up till after 8pm. Probanly 15 guys and 8 dancers. Kinda slow. I sat with a couple of the dancers who told me the bouncers at Canadian cowboy dating sites lately have been really overzelous.

Strip clubs in ocala, fl

One dancer told me how BS2 had hired this new big black bouncer who enjoyed fucking with the customers. He seemed to like taking out a few of the patrons who were a little too rowdy, loud, or drunk and beating the crap out of them in the parking lot. Seems the DJ and Bouncer best free apps to meet locals have always been cool are now egged on by this duche and are now doing the same.

I saw one guy doing nothing except dancing along the stage area 3 feet away. He was promptly talked to and escorted out.

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Wonder if he got cam sex sites ass kicked outside? NOT Cool. Real smart- chase away the few customers you do have- soon nobody drops by and the t goes under. Guess what dumasses- you all need a new job. First I've heard of this but will keep an eye out. If this BS is tolerated- I'll take my business elsewhere This is a below-average strip club, but it's the only one in Ocala. When I arrived atI was greeted by "Don't touch the dancers". Not hello, best sites for online dating, etc, but "Don't touch the dancers".

Not a good start.

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Also, the doorman could not give me change, and told me I had to go to the bar for that. There were no dancers on stage, but a few 5s sitting at the bar The bartender was a fine sex dating sites for free - ended up being maybe the hottest girl there, but that's not exactly a rarity in the strip club world. Maybe aroundthe first dancer made her way to the stage. She was a 7, but out of about 10 girls there she was of only three 7s. And there was nothing higher than a 7 in here on a Saturday.

Later I would see one of two 3s. So we have three 7s, two 3s, czechoslovakia dating site the rest were 5s.

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We meet dating site, I figured being a 25 minute drive from the closest strip club, let's give this place a chance. Chatted up all three 7s and some of the other girls - some were fairly friendly.

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The dancers were very into pole routines and pretty good at thembut not so much in cozying up to the patrons at the stage. A couple weird things about this club: First, it's topless only and they wear pasties. That is, most of them did. Must have been a local ordinance because it didn't seem dubai dating sites review a successful fashion statement. Second, I was getting no pressure for a private dan I dropped by at about 6pm when they just opened. Good deal since it was also a real 64oz pitcher. They were just getting things going and I chilled out and had a couple beers.

They had about 6 girls there and was told another 5 or 6 were milfs dating sites in around 9pm. I've been dropping into Body Shots for about the last 5 years or so.

I usually come in about once every 3 weeks or so when I'm in the Ocala area. Sexy Lexi who has danced here forever like 7 years wasn't there.

Body shots gentleman's club

Turns out she got fired for a second time in the last year. Carrie email dating site skinny redhead country girl was there. Carrie's been dancing here as long as Lexi. She is real nice and does a decent stage sex clubs in america. Also, they had a few new girls which I hadn't seen which was good.

One dancer was Miracle and another was Mia. Both were cute and did a good stage show. There was an older black dancer who was OK but nothing special. One dancer that was pretty hot was a stoney eyed fair skinned girl who danced under Ivory.

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Her hollywood sex club curly blond hair, blue far away eyes, and smoking hot body really worked for me. Miracle, Mia and Ivory hung at at my table, were way chill, and didn't push the lap dances.