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Honestly older women why care about teens/20s dating older men?

As the title says. My 17 year old son recently told me he's gay. Fair do's I can't help but worry about the age difference here. How did they meet? Have they met college hookups site person before? Would I worry - hell yes. But as a mum it goes with the territory.

You will spend the rest of your life in this state of mind.

Personally I would say - go on son - go over there, see what happens and if you get your heart broken I will wipe your tears. If he finds love and it all works out fine - then buy a hat. Ask your son to invite him to your house then you can assess the situation. He's He is essentially a grown-up now and has to go and make his own decisions whether they be good ones or bad ones.

Beach club dewsbury girls be there for him whatever happens. Neb Adra Posts: 1, Forum Member. Unfortunately, gay or straight, is an awkward age for these things. Too young and naive of adult relationships yet old enough to have sex and expect to be away from the parents for more than dating site scams uk "sleepover".

However, as he is still under 18 and living at home I p you still have a right to say how worried you are. Could you possible invite this man over for a weekend before the trip as a compromise? At least meet him first so sex clubs dfw can get an idea of how well he may look out for your son when he goes visit him. Or, if that's a no-go, catchy dating site headlines "go away for a few days, not two weeks, and see how things go first time around".

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The key here is dating sites for highly educated balance being reasonable whilst showing you natural concern. Treat him like the adult he is becoming, but that he still has to respect you ultimate stance on a matter e.

So in short terms, try and meet the guy yourself, its the only way of getting peace of mind really. Super Bandit Posts: 1, Forum Member. I personally wouldn't let him go.

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People in their teens and early 20s are essentially still. Perhaps meet the guy next time he comes to Scotland to see if hes somewhat trustworthy.

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Bibidybobidyboo Posts: 1, Forum Member. I wouldn't be happy with this.

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If he was a 17 year girl I wonder if people would be as comfortable? I agree with the poster above. Invite him to your house so you can meet him first. It's quite a big age gap but not terrible and you cant stop them having contact but I think it's just him travelling away to see someone older, by himself that would make me uncomfortable. Neb Adra sexy sites free ». Super Bandit wrote: ».

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Abomination Posts: 6, Forum Member. Bibidybobidyboo wrote: ».

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Freeman Posts: 2, Forum Member. He's a guy so he'll be fine.

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Freeman wrote: ». Dynopia Posts: 1, Forum Member. When is your son 18?

Teenagers looking for older men?

When I was just turned 18 I was dating a 30 year old guy, looking back perhaps that was a big age gap! How long has he been talking to the guy? I would feel he would be potentially in a vulnerable situation staying at the house of czech dating sites he's met once in essentially another country. Despite talking on line he doesn't really know him as on line people can spin any yarn On free dating sites bristol uk e harmony thread a girl was asked if she thought it was a good idea to go over to a mans house for the evening on second meeting let alone for a fortnight!

Gay teenage son seeing 25 year old

More then the age gap that would be my concern I would try to meet him first. At the end of the day 17 year olds think they are invincible- they aren't How is he funding his trip? He is 17, probably just discovering the gay scene, an older guy who can ease him into this new and exciting world is very attractive, I've been there. Bicurious dating site trust me, the novelty will wear off pretty quick, the son will gain confidence, get to know new people and soon get very bored with the 25 year old.

Tt88 Posts: 6, Forum Member. Is your son staying at the mans house?

Could you compromise and ask him to stay at a travelodge or something similar? Would be more expensive but then at least he sex club york somewhere safe to go if things dont turn out to be great. That would also show him being mature and thinking ahead. He's 17 - practically an adult. I'm not sure I'd consider a huge age gap either.

PinkPetunia Posts: 5, Forum Member. Putting the age difference aside for a minute everyone needs to be so careful when meeting a stranger. I would be concerned for a young girl or boy or indeed not so young meeting up with a stranger in a strange country.

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Where in Ireland are they meeting OP? Do you have a name and address and know where your son will be. Do you know anyone in Ireland in case he needs to call someone.? Dynopia adult swinger sites ».

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No matter the age or age gap, it seems a bit odd to decide to spend a fortnight together after only one real-life "date". They might be fed up of each other by day 2! The age difference isn't that big, he's basically an adult and 25 is a young dating local sites.

Eight years is nothing in the grand scheme of things. When I was 16 my first boyfriend was When I discuss with my friends the ages of their first boyfriends, hardly any one was going out with someone their own age.

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